Friday, December 25, 2015

The New Reign Begins!

As you may have guessed, my brother and I have met on the fields of honor. It was a hard-won fight, but my brother submitted to me in the end. He is off to enjoy his well-earned rest while I take my place on the throne.

Like many others, the unseasonably warm weather has played havoc with my sinuses and I've been suffering from a cold these past few days. I'm working hard to finish writing the replies to the many letters we've received, so please don't think I've forgotten you! You reply is coming soon.

Merry Christmas everyone! As this Yuletide holiday progresses, stay safe and appreciate the company of friends and family. If you know of anyone who may be alone this holiday, please extend your hospitality to them. At this time of year, some people need to be reminded that they are not without friends.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Welcome Wild Hunters!

We are very pleased and honored to be mentioned in an article on The Wild Hunt. You know you've made it when The Wild Hunt mentions you. The Solstice Kings are huge fans.

So to those who have discovered us via the article, welcome and Happy Yule  to you! The Oak King and the Holly King hope to receive your letters over the Yuletide season.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Letters to Odin

It's not everyday that you receive a letter written to Odin.

Fortunately, the All-Father has agreed to have these letters taken across the Rainbow Bridge and adorn his halls during the Yuletide season. His generosity of spirit is indeed God-like.

Yule is only 11 days away, so we await your letters! Write to the Solstice Kings! And don't worry: even if we get the letters after the Winter Solstice, they will still be read, answered, and appreciated.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Share Your Light

We have received the first batch of letters that have included heartfelt writings, artwork, and even small gifts. We really appreciate that people have taken the time to write to us and are so inspired!

We know that people are struggling (spiritually, financially, emotionally, etc), but they also filled with a remarkable amount of hope for a brighter future.

At this time of year, the darkness comes early and sometimes, it seems to have no ending. We invite you to embrace the quiet of the darker days, take the time to tune-out that which drags you down, and share your inner light with others in need. When you share your light, you end up with more light.

The Solstice Kings wish to bless everyone with the happiest of tidings in the coming holiday season. Share your light, comfort each other through the darkness.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Write to the Oak King, Honor the Holly King

We've been receiving inquiries from lots of people asking to whom they should address their letters. There are a few ways you can craft your letter and we will ensure to honor them all!

  • Write to the Oak King as he enters his new six-month reign of ever-increasing light.
  • Write to the Holly King to honor the end of his reign as he prepares to enjoy his well-earned rest.
We've also been asked if people can write to Odin, the Yule Fairies, and many others. Our Yuletide elves are ready to resort and redirect your Yuletide mail to wherever you need it to go.

Happy Yule everyone!

New Artwork!

The talented Elise Duquette (website) has released her artwork for the Oak King! Have you started writing your Yule letters to the Oak King yet?