About the SDS

As the Winter Solstice arrives, the Holly King feels the weight of the world upon his shoulders. He is weak, tired, and ready for sleep. He knows his brother the Oak King stirs from his sleep: the candles burn just a bit brighter, the sunlight stays just a bit longer. It is time for a change.

The Oak King struggles to shake the sleep from his eyes. He has been sleeping soundly these past few months, but now he needs to know what is happening while he was away. For him to reign efficiently and well, he needs to know what you know, hear what you need, and feel what you dream.

Therefore, he is putting out a call for letters! Write to the Oak and Holly Kings and tell them of your hopes, dreams, and projects that you want to start or continue in the new year. Get it all down on paper and send it out for the Gods to hear!

The Oak/Holly Kings are a couple of Luddites, and although they have this website, they do not accept letters as emails or any other kind of digital correspondence. If you want them to read your letter, you must write them a letter and send it by post.

You can send your correspondence to the Oak/Holly King at the following address. Be sure to include your own name and return address so that the Solstice Kings can send back their replies.

Thanks be to Elise Duquette for the artwork (http://eliseduquette.wix.com/portfolio).

c/o The Solstice Dispatch Service
5890, av. de Monkland, Suite 16-612
Montréal (Québec) Canada H4A 1G2

You can also celebrate the coming of the Solstice Kings on Facebook!

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