Monday, December 5, 2016

Solstice Dispatch Service, Winter 2016

The arrival of the snow is a sure sign that the Winter Solstice is nigh, so the Holly King is preparing for his well-earned rest. The candles are burning just a bit brighter as the sunlight fades that much faster. The wheel turns and the time for a change is coming.

So the Solstice Dispatch Service is relaunching itself today! Last year, we received dozens of letters from across the globe from people who wanted to wish a happy Solstice to the Oak King and shared their hopes and dreams for the coming year!

Therefore, we are putting out another call for letters! Write to the Oak King and tell him of your hopes, dreams, and projects that you want to start or continue in the new year. Get it all down on paper and send it out for the Gods to hear, and the Oak King will write you back.

This service is open to all ages: babies, kids, young adults, experienced adults, elders, etc. If you need to be reminded about the magic of this season, write to the Oak King and receive a letter back.

This service is also International. As long as you can send us a letter, the Oak King will reply with a letter to anywhere in the world.

The Solstice Dispatch Service networks with many deities, so if you would rather address your mail to other figures who are more meaningful to you (last year, we received letters addressed to Odin!), feel free to do so. Our Postal Elves will ensure that your letters get to the right place.

You can send your correspondence to the Oak King at the following address. Be sure to include your own name and return address so that the Oak King can send back his reply.

c/o The Oak King
5890 Monkland, Suite 16-0612
Montreal, Qc
Canada H4A 1E9

The Postal Elves will be keeping this website going with any news, updates, and calls for missing socks!

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