Monday, November 26, 2018

The Old Address is New Again

Thanks to everyone for showing so much excitement and interest for the return of the Solstice Dispatch Service. The elves are all a-buzz with excitement, and we're fairly certain it's not from the coffee and candy canes.

The new address is magically close to the old address, so please send your letters to the following location:

c/o The Solstice Dispatch Service
5890, av. de Monkland, Suite 16-612
Montréal (Québec) Canada H4A 1G2

You can address the letters to the Oak King or to the Holly King. However, the Solstice Dispatch Service has an excellent networking service, so if you are so moved, you can also address it to other beings and we will do our best to pass your letters along to the appropriate deity.

In past years, we have also received letters addressed to the following beings who were thrilled to bits to get mail:
  • The Oak King
  • The Holly King
  • Odin, the All-Father (many people wrote to Odin)
  • Old Man Winter

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