Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The Vernal Equinox is nigh!

We are quickly coming upon the Vernal Equinox, heralding the coming of Spring! In just under 4 months, I will be facing my brother the Holly King again. I hope he will be well-rested!

To mark this occasion, I am putting out a call for postcards! Send me a postcard that exemplifies the beauty of this season in your corner of this world. Tell me how you feel about Spring and what you will be doing to celebrate the turning of the Wheel.

And in turn, I will write a postcard back to you from our Royal Dispatch Service. As always, send your postcards to:

c/o The Oak King
5890 Monkland, Suite 16-0612
Montreal, Qc
Canada H4A 1E9

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