Friday, December 11, 2015

Letters to Odin

It's not everyday that you receive a letter written to Odin.

Fortunately, the All-Father has agreed to have these letters taken across the Rainbow Bridge and adorn his halls during the Yuletide season. His generosity of spirit is indeed God-like.

Yule is only 11 days away, so we await your letters! Write to the Solstice Kings! And don't worry: even if we get the letters after the Winter Solstice, they will still be read, answered, and appreciated.

1 comment:

  1. I got to meet Odin last Summer. My husband and I were swimming in a lake not far from our house, and when we came near the shore, there he was. He didn't have ravens on his shoulders, though. When I asked him, "Where are Hugin and Muginn?" (pardon my misremembering the names, but that's what I recalled at the time.) He gave a small chuckle, and said he doesn't always carry them around. Anyhow, I said that it's an honor to meet him, and he said he's pleased to meet us, too. And that was that.