Thursday, October 29, 2015

First Letter to the Oak King received!

People have been asking what kinds of letters should they send to the Oak King. Think of this correspondence like writing letters to Santa Claus. Sure, traditionally it would children who send letters to Santa, but many adults send letters to Santa as well. They put their hopes, fears, and wishes for a prosperous years into these letters, and with the Oak King reigning as the days get longer and there is more light in the sky, he brings hope to those who continue to beat the darkness back.

We've received our first letter to the Oak King this week, and with his kind permission, we are posting here for you to see. This is just one example, but it may inspire you as you collect your thoughts and feelings, put them on paper, and know that the Oak King is listening to what you have to say.

PLEASE NOTE: No one's letters will be published here without their EXPLICIT permission. All letters to the Oak King are kept confidential.

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